Now you see it, now you don’t




Acetate / Anaglyph effect images 

I judge a book by its cover. I will only buy books if they have an attractive cover. I was browsing through the library and Sagmeister’s ‘Made You Look’ immediately caught my attention. What is that book in the red sleeve I thought to myself as I picked it up.

The book cover image has this really impressive effect which changes as you look through its red semi transparent sleeve.

I did not feel satisfied just borrowing this book, so therefore I purchased another copy from Amazon 😀 Now I have my very own copy.

From my fmp suggestions, a tutor told me he thought it was a ‘cliché’ idea or like a ‘gimmick’ because he has seen it over 100 times during his childhood. At first hearing this, I thought maybe I should not use this effect after all, however I’ve decided I do not care about other people’s opinions, AS LONG AS I HAVEN’T seen this effect much, and I do like it a lot, so therefore I will do what I want to do and USE it regardless. It is different for everyone, some might have see it as an overused effect, others will find it fascinating. I have shown my friends my book cover and they all found it amazing. 😛

So below are a few images to demonstrate the red acetate effect on images. The idea behind this is the eye won’t be able to see the green or blue RGB / CMYK colours through the red filter. A different image appears which I really like.

Sagmeister’s ‘Make You Look’ book



I really like this idea of the image as a poster, which is put up like a gallery, behind red doors so the image changes every time you open and close the doors.



H.P. Zinker ‘Mountains of Madness’

This is an image I’ve found in Sagmeister‘s ‘Made You Look’ book, called ‘Mountains Of Madness‘ CD cover.

​The complete packaging shows a close-up of a placid man’s face, but once the CD cover is slipped out from the red plastic, the man’s face appears furious in shades of red, white and green.


Similar idea used in Jay-Z‘s CD design



Other works which uses the same effect





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