‘You’re so FAT.’



Can words really influence our ways of seeing and thinking?

Words can be powerful, words can hurt. When told you are ‘ugly’, ‘useless’ and ‘a fat pig’ leads to us being hurt. We are human after all and we have feelings. Harsh words being repeatedly thrown at someone could really cause damage, for example I may like a dress and think it is very pretty, however if all my friends tell me it is ‘hideous’, their words would definitely place an impact on me and cause me to have second thoughts about purchasing it. Similarly with calling someone ‘fat’ all the time; strong people could rebel…more weaker people would believe, especially people with low self esteem. Words from surrounding people such as our peers can place a big impact on us: divert our ways of thinking, seeing and influence us to think otherwise. We should be careful what we say.

Influencing at anytime would undoubtedly lead us to see and think differently.

(P.S  you can call me fat, but I will call you obese back.)

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