One thing can change EVERYTHING.


It is 2.00am in the morning, and I am supposed to go to bed now to catch up with my beauty sleep, however I feel the need to post this before I go off to dreamland. I have many thoughts swimming through my head. I am thinking of how one change can affect our whole lives, and make us see differently. From time to time, I always have a moment where I try appreciate what I have more, but the next moment I tend to forget and carry on with what business I am doing.

Just a minute ago I was downstairs and saw my mum looking frail as she was cleaning the last dishes of the night. I see some noticeably silver hairs from her hair. I see her storing away the leftover food from today’s meal in to the refrigerator and I hear her sigh…a sigh of distress. As always. I realise how much she means to me. I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and she told me how her life changed since her mother had passed away. I don’t want to try imagine how she feels, because I don’t think I could take it…am I strong enough to? I thought one thing can change everything in just one split of a second…what if you lost a loved one? Your ways of seeing would completely change. You would probably realise how much something means to you when you discover you miss the littlest things that reminded you of someone who is no longer there. Perhaps it is the habits you used to hate of someone, but you discover it is the most precious? Is it the irritating sound of the washing machine your mum makes early in the morning? Or maybe it is the sound of her voice when she nags you all day long for throwing your socks on the floor?

This scene from a chinese series I’ve watched a few years ago has always stayed prominent in my mind, a scene where a girl collided in a car crash, and lost her ability to walk. From that day on, she has to sit on a wheelchair, but she decided to look at the positive side of things and stay happy. Because of the height of her wheelchair, she noticed the world in a different perspective, things she’d never noticed before. The height of the wheel chair allowed her to notice the shimmering rainbow reflections from a water fountain, something she found really beautiful.

When something changes in our lives, it makes us see the world and things differently. Our perspectives and ways of seeing alters. We alter.


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