So Many Library Books!


Believe me, I have never visited the library so often in a row. I’ve been in and out the library so much, that I might aswell stay there full-time! There are more books I want to borrow, however I have exceeded the limit on my library account, that I have to borrow a friend’s library card in order to borrow more books.

So why have I been in and out the library so often I hear you are wondering?

Because I keep changing my dissertation topic. Or perhaps I can say I have been trying to narrow my working title a lot, and it often ends up being changed slightly, so I find myself having to borrow more books to gather more information. This is tiring I assure you. It is quite amusing, because one of the first books I have borrowed is based on ‘Perception‘ and ‘Looking beyond Visuals‘. Deep inside, I have always wanted to base my dissertation topic on how we see things, this is because I was greatly inspired by John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing‘, which was recommended by Anastasios in Year 2. I didn’t have time to engage in the reading list at that time, however once I have opened the book, I was deeply drawn into it. I felt a connection with it.

I will borrow more books soon to add to my reading list.


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