Making my Book Cover + Glasses


I have taken a few photographs of the eyes of my friends: one photo with their eyes open, one photo with their eyes closed.



The book cover for my dissertation


Making my own red acetate glasses (the glasses will accompany my dissertation book)






I feel making a pair of glasses for the reader will make the reading experience more enjoyable and fun instead of just including pages of the red acetate in the book.



My Own Images


After much research, I have discovered how to make these special acetate / anaglyph images, something I’ve always wanted to do. So I have made some images for my dissertation book inside (how exciting!)

The idea of being deceived: an apple with an appealing outlook, but inside it is rotten.


This image is the opposite of the one above, where you see a whole apple when looking through the red filter


Taking inspiration from Sagmeister’s ‘Made You Look’ book: an angry kitty, but turns into a rather innocent one


Angry owl to innocent owl


The concept of ‘seeing in different perspectives’




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Now you see it, now you don’t




Acetate / Anaglyph effect images 

I judge a book by its cover. I will only buy books if they have an attractive cover. I was browsing through the library and Sagmeister’s ‘Made You Look’ immediately caught my attention. What is that book in the red sleeve I thought to myself as I picked it up.

The book cover image has this really impressive effect which changes as you look through its red semi transparent sleeve.

I did not feel satisfied just borrowing this book, so therefore I purchased another copy from Amazon 😀 Now I have my very own copy.

From my fmp suggestions, a tutor told me he thought it was a ‘cliché’ idea or like a ‘gimmick’ because he has seen it over 100 times during his childhood. At first hearing this, I thought maybe I should not use this effect after all, however I’ve decided I do not care about other people’s opinions, AS LONG AS I HAVEN’T seen this effect much, and I do like it a lot, so therefore I will do what I want to do and USE it regardless. It is different for everyone, some might have see it as an overused effect, others will find it fascinating. I have shown my friends my book cover and they all found it amazing. 😛

So below are a few images to demonstrate the red acetate effect on images. The idea behind this is the eye won’t be able to see the green or blue RGB / CMYK colours through the red filter. A different image appears which I really like.

Sagmeister’s ‘Make You Look’ book



I really like this idea of the image as a poster, which is put up like a gallery, behind red doors so the image changes every time you open and close the doors.



H.P. Zinker ‘Mountains of Madness’

This is an image I’ve found in Sagmeister‘s ‘Made You Look’ book, called ‘Mountains Of Madness‘ CD cover.

​The complete packaging shows a close-up of a placid man’s face, but once the CD cover is slipped out from the red plastic, the man’s face appears furious in shades of red, white and green.


Similar idea used in Jay-Z‘s CD design



Other works which uses the same effect





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Something feels odd.


Different colours hold individual meanings to our perception; colours visually communicate to us and has the potential to change our mood and ways of seeing. There are colours which we are used to seeing, such as the colour of traffic lights; if the colours of traffic lights are changed to pastel colours, it would be very confusing to read as we are not familiar with their new meanings, therefore would result in chaos. When the ‘original’ colours of something are subverted, we may feel uneasy and at odds with its new aesthetic.

Ever had dyed food? Many people would not feel like consuming it for reasons which as ‘food poisoning’, ‘might make me sick’, ‘looks disgusting’. The colours are not natural and we feel at odds with it and we no longer feel like eating it. Yuck.


A purple burger anyone?



How about some rainbow spaghetti?




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‘You’re so FAT.’



Can words really influence our ways of seeing and thinking?

Words can be powerful, words can hurt. When told you are ‘ugly’, ‘useless’ and ‘a fat pig’ leads to us being hurt. We are human after all and we have feelings. Harsh words being repeatedly thrown at someone could really cause damage, for example I may like a dress and think it is very pretty, however if all my friends tell me it is ‘hideous’, their words would definitely place an impact on me and cause me to have second thoughts about purchasing it. Similarly with calling someone ‘fat’ all the time; strong people could rebel…more weaker people would believe, especially people with low self esteem. Words from surrounding people such as our peers can place a big impact on us: divert our ways of thinking, seeing and influence us to think otherwise. We should be careful what we say.

Influencing at anytime would undoubtedly lead us to see and think differently.

(P.S  you can call me fat, but I will call you obese back.)

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One thing can change EVERYTHING.


It is 2.00am in the morning, and I am supposed to go to bed now to catch up with my beauty sleep, however I feel the need to post this before I go off to dreamland. I have many thoughts swimming through my head. I am thinking of how one change can affect our whole lives, and make us see differently. From time to time, I always have a moment where I try appreciate what I have more, but the next moment I tend to forget and carry on with what business I am doing.

Just a minute ago I was downstairs and saw my mum looking frail as she was cleaning the last dishes of the night. I see some noticeably silver hairs from her hair. I see her storing away the leftover food from today’s meal in to the refrigerator and I hear her sigh…a sigh of distress. As always. I realise how much she means to me. I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and she told me how her life changed since her mother had passed away. I don’t want to try imagine how she feels, because I don’t think I could take it…am I strong enough to? I thought one thing can change everything in just one split of a second…what if you lost a loved one? Your ways of seeing would completely change. You would probably realise how much something means to you when you discover you miss the littlest things that reminded you of someone who is no longer there. Perhaps it is the habits you used to hate of someone, but you discover it is the most precious? Is it the irritating sound of the washing machine your mum makes early in the morning? Or maybe it is the sound of her voice when she nags you all day long for throwing your socks on the floor?

This scene from a chinese series I’ve watched a few years ago has always stayed prominent in my mind, a scene where a girl collided in a car crash, and lost her ability to walk. From that day on, she has to sit on a wheelchair, but she decided to look at the positive side of things and stay happy. Because of the height of her wheelchair, she noticed the world in a different perspective, things she’d never noticed before. The height of the wheel chair allowed her to notice the shimmering rainbow reflections from a water fountain, something she found really beautiful.

When something changes in our lives, it makes us see the world and things differently. Our perspectives and ways of seeing alters. We alter.

So Many Library Books!


Believe me, I have never visited the library so often in a row. I’ve been in and out the library so much, that I might aswell stay there full-time! There are more books I want to borrow, however I have exceeded the limit on my library account, that I have to borrow a friend’s library card in order to borrow more books.

So why have I been in and out the library so often I hear you are wondering?

Because I keep changing my dissertation topic. Or perhaps I can say I have been trying to narrow my working title a lot, and it often ends up being changed slightly, so I find myself having to borrow more books to gather more information. This is tiring I assure you. It is quite amusing, because one of the first books I have borrowed is based on ‘Perception‘ and ‘Looking beyond Visuals‘. Deep inside, I have always wanted to base my dissertation topic on how we see things, this is because I was greatly inspired by John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing‘, which was recommended by Anastasios in Year 2. I didn’t have time to engage in the reading list at that time, however once I have opened the book, I was deeply drawn into it. I felt a connection with it.

I will borrow more books soon to add to my reading list.